Frankie’s Royal Tour of NZ

The Royal Tour

Recently Mark went to China to work on his new Edwards & Co products (exciting!!), so I decided to take Frankie around the South Island on ‘the Royal Tour’ to meet the family.

For all the travel tips, check out our Travel Tips page.

Our first stop was Dunedin and I was very excited, but also quite nervous about taking a three week old baby on a 2 hour flight. As any good new parent knows, anything can change at anytime, so just when you think ‘you got this‘, you’re sure as hell about the get a giant kick in the balls to keep you alert.

Obviously being mid-winter we needed to pack warm clothes. I don’t know about you, but I tend to pack my entire wardrobe for a weekend away and only wear two outfits (yes I call my clothes ‘outfits’). So packing for myself and a newborn, when going to negative a million degrees was going to be tough.

Thank god AirNZ lets you take two bags free for infants (meant to be strollers and car seat etc), but with the Edwards & Co travel bag, I can fit the carry cot and Oscar G3, plus a whole lot of other stuff – i.e. nappies, clothes, shoes and toiletries. Normally that would be fine, but of course I packed another 3 bags of clothes for us…not my smartest move.

First Leg: Auckland > Dunedin

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 2.07.57 PM

I headed to the airport with almost my entire wardrobe, a stomach full of nerves and a screaming baby. YAY….this ‘holiday’ is going to be fun….

Mark dropped us off and I wheeled our entire life into the airport. Check in was smooth, and with Frankie hanging out in my front pack, I went to oversize and dropped off all the goods.

We headed for the lounge, but not before going through dreaded security. Luckily Frankie was screaming so the lovely people ahead of me let me go to the front of the line. WINNING!

I did have to take Frankie out of my front pack, and security were pretty lax (good and bad), but I was happy to get my shit and go to the Koru lounge. The lady beside me, who was also a guest, asked if she could get me any food (amazing) and then the staff came and asked if they could get me anything. This is the life…

We finally boarded out flight and the staff at check in had blocked out a row for me. So we have the row to ourselves. This was perfect as I could stretch out all our stuff and it gave us breathing room. We were also provided blankets and pillows, extra biscuits and chips and just all round general VIP service.

It was at this stage that I thought, why the hell has it taken me so long to have a child? Expedited through security, catering in the lounge and VIP service, I am ready to have another child!

The flight was uneventful, Frankie feeding on take off and landing (key tip), sleeping majority of the flight while Dad had his cuppa and two biscuits and caught up on emails. What a bloody dream result!


To be continued….


Travel Tips:

  • Book off peak – do not travel early in the morning or evening when all the business travellers are also travelling. The flight will be busy, and middle aged white men are the pits.
  • Book a row with a bassinet on long haul, and ask for a row to yourself on Domestic
  • Ask at check-in if they can block out the seat next to you (if possible)
  • Request a blanket and pillow (normally Flight Attendants will offer)


Must Dos:

  • Use a Front Pack that is easy to get on and off in tight spaces
  • Take a swaddle for the plane to transfer them into once you are seated
  • Ensure you have enough bottles for feeding throughout the flight for sore ears
  • Bring a dummy for baby to suck on during take off and landing to alleviate ear pressure. Drinking from bottle will also have the same effect (as will breast feeding)
  • Make friends with the flight attendants. They are an amazing help!
  • Arrive early to ensure it is less stressful that rushing


Air NZ Rules

  • On Air NZ, you can take 2 x bags for free (even if you have booked a seat only fare) for infants which can include a stroller and capsule.
  • Air NZ provide a bag to put the capsule in, so don’t worry about taking an extra bag.
  • You will need to take your big bags to oversize once you have checked in and got your bag tags. If you are travelling on Seat only domestically, you will need to go to special assistance to get the bag tags.

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