Adoption Hearing – Celebration!

On Friday the 15th of March, 282 days after Frankie’s birth, we finally got a judgement on Frankie’s adoption.

Yasss Frankie!!!! After much hoorah, you’re now officially our child. What a day! We are so relieved and stoked with the outcome, after what feels like a lifetime, and a mountain of paperwork.

We are so grateful to all of your amazing followers for their support. To our Oranga Tamariki social worker Rachael, for helping us manage the adoption process ourselves.

And of course to your mothers, @aleishahartnz and @chilechatter for everything they’ve done, and continue to do for us as a whānau.

Right, it’s time for a glass (or bottle) of bubbles! Shit yeah. Time to celebrate! 🥂

Christian, Mark and Frankie xxx



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